Gapcloud Insights

Gapcloud Insights are for organisations on the Bright Pattern contact centre platform who require an additional layer of contact centre insight. Gapcloud Insights consist of two main cloud services: web based live dashboards where your real time Bright Pattern contact centre metrics can come to life on vivid and engaging wallboards, and (coming soon) Business Intelligence. BI Reporting is a business analytics service by Gapcloud that provides interactive visualizations and business intelligence capabilities specifically designed to provide key insights into your contact centre data.

The reporting service organises your Bright Pattern data in to consolidated views focused on key performance monitoring criteria meaning you don’t have to export and merge reports to get a holistic view of how your contact centre is performing. The reporting service offers comprehensive insights into all aspects of your data whilst the use of modern visualisation lets your data tell the story. All data fields are available to be used in the reports to allow you to adapt, modify or fully custom create the report and insight that you require. 

Why Gapcloud Insights?


Real Time visualisation of critical performance KPIs

Secured access using your Bright Pattern credentials

Fully browser based – view from anywhere

Fully SaaS based reporting service

Multiple templates and custom widgets

Business Intelligence and Analytics

Managed delivery and sharing of your reports

Interactive with trend Analysis

Consolidated insights into your contact centre performance